Immy Chua

Just Being and Let things Happen….


imchua at hotmail dot com


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  1. Immy,
    Just checking in with you. How are you? Have been doing those squats and they are transformational! Have also been teaching them to my yoga students. Thank you for sharing them with me. Please write and let me know how you are doing in your life. Blessings,

    • Hi Jodeen, sorry didn’t get back to you earlier. It has been challenging period for me as I am having abdomen pain, just got my scan result and food news, all organs clear just my para aortic lymph nodes have progressed that’s why I have pain. I have been doing wall squat and waist turning ( part of qigong, will write a post about it) and my condition have improved a lot. The most important is I have NO FEAR! I am now focusing on my healing and have stopped working and lots of good things happened as I always believe The Universe is taking care of me and it does. How wonderful is this! I will share more on the zhineng qigong as it is amazing….Energy Healing is very effective and efficient….love, IMmy

    • Hi Jodeen, sorry just only talked about myself. I hope you are well and happy! Love, IMmy

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