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A Letter to Pain


Dear Pain,

You came to my life since Jan and I am so pleased to get to know you. You taught me how to welcome, to embrace and to make peace with you since I arrived here in Mumbai.

I will continue welcoming you in my life, embracing and making peace with you. I have faith in you that everything is going to be ok! I hope you have a great stay with me and leave when I arrive in Melbourne. I believe I have had my share of you for the last 4 to 5 weeks. Please leave me at night let me have a good deep rest. Please leave me during the day so I can be like a normal me, going to work, shopping, going out with friends and just be me, happy, healthy and physically fit to enjoy doing everything. Please make peace with me, please, please, please……..I know you can and you will.

I am leaving you don’t mean I don’t love you. You came to my life taught me how to welcome, embrace and make peace with you! One of the best thing happen in my life and I will apply this whatever I encounter in the future…..Welcome, Embrace and Make Peace! Good, bad, joy, sad, fear…..anything and everything…..

Thanks and wish you have a great journey back home !



Author: Immy Chua

A day after I turned 42, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 4 bladder cancer….what a surprise birthday gift! 16 years ago on my birthday, my late brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away after 6 months of chemotherapy. My doctors told me they were unable to cure me….as my cancer is an aggressive type. The statistic with chemotherapy treatment is 45% in 5 years. I refused chemotherapy because of my brother. So, I asked if I don’t do anything, what would happen? My doctor told me….if I don’t do anything, after 3 months, my cancer will spread to every parts of my body. I told my doctor, 3 months, I still have plenty of time to find a solution. So..I rejected the death sentence and went searching for solution……..My cancer journey start ….. This blog is about my exciting cancer journey which helps me to discover and reassess my life, my relationship with my family, my so-called career goal, my diet, my view, my belief…..everything…..for the past 2 years… I wish it will help everyone to look at illness as a blessing and opportunity to heal rather than seeing yourself as a victim.

7 thoughts on “A Letter to Pain

  1. Where do you feel pain my friend?

  2. With thoughts like this…well, they make me glad I’m part of the human race…

    • Would you mind share some of your insight please?

      • When I read and hear about all the inhumane treatment the human race inflicts on itself, I sometimes say I’m ashamed to a part of the human race. When I read your “A Letter to Pain”, my 1st thought was how calm and placid you are with this pain. Your courage and patience are inspirational. You accept it; you remain in control of your life and continue your life. You are not blaming anyone or anything for your pain. You are humane towards yourself. This is why I said, “With thoughts like this…well, they make me glad I’m part of the human race…” God bless you. I hope this satisfies your question.

      • Thanks! I believe everything come to my life is to teach me! I learnt to embrace and listen, rather than wasting my energy to fight! I cried when I read your comment ! I cried when I arrived in Malaysia this morning…..I cried out loud and I feel good…

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