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Guardian Angels…Did you choose them or They Chose you!


Do you have a guardian angel?How did you know if he/she is your guardian angel? How many guardian angles do you have? Did you find them or they found you?

My first guardian angel is my late grandma and she is still my guardian angel! I shared a room with her until I was 18 when I moved to Australia to further my study. She never been to school but she was wiser than any women in her generation! She said no matter how hard your life is, the harder you fell and rolled (just like a rock) one day you will become round and smooth!

I met my second guardian angel on the net, yes Internet! We only met once and it was 12 years ago! Sometimes I keep asking myself if he is real! He sent me energy when I needed, we never plan to meet again, we just go with the flow……when I am down he is always there for me! We both believe we are living in this big dream and we are all connected.

When I was diagnosed of cancer 2 years ago, my colleague became my guardian angel. He was my ex-colleague then became my boss I remember when I told him that I had cancer, he said ” oh shit! “. I somehow have faith in him than the doctors! He helped me peel off layers upon layers of my emotional baggages, just like peeling layers of onion….then a year later, he was asked to break the bad news to me that I was made redundant from my job as an engineer! He is still my guardian angel and now we are working on the same project but representing different firm! I don’t think I can get rid of this guardian angel! He is there whenever I need him!

My latest guardian angel…..found me yesterday! I never met him, I think is him still not sure as he might be a her! He helped me realized my real FEAR, it was such a powerful insight of realizing my MIND is my FEAR! I always know that I have fear….the fear of being not good enough, the fear of being rejected, the fear of my cancer will come back, the fear of breaking the news to my family, the fear of not having a job and income……All these fear are from my mind….they are not real! I really blessed that my guardian angel just knock on my door and shower me with lots of love and guide me to the next level!

I didn’t choose my guardian angels, they chose me! Guardian angels are everywhere, if you listen and ask, they will come and knock on your door, don’t let fear stop you from unlocking the door and let the guardian angel come in and shower you with loves!

Lots of love,
IMmy xxx


Author: Immy Chua

A day after I turned 42, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 4 bladder cancer….what a surprise birthday gift! 16 years ago on my birthday, my late brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away after 6 months of chemotherapy. My doctors told me they were unable to cure me….as my cancer is an aggressive type. The statistic with chemotherapy treatment is 45% in 5 years. I refused chemotherapy because of my brother. So, I asked if I don’t do anything, what would happen? My doctor told me….if I don’t do anything, after 3 months, my cancer will spread to every parts of my body. I told my doctor, 3 months, I still have plenty of time to find a solution. So..I rejected the death sentence and went searching for solution……..My cancer journey start ….. This blog is about my exciting cancer journey which helps me to discover and reassess my life, my relationship with my family, my so-called career goal, my diet, my view, my belief…..everything…..for the past 2 years… I wish it will help everyone to look at illness as a blessing and opportunity to heal rather than seeing yourself as a victim.

5 thoughts on “Guardian Angels…Did you choose them or They Chose you!

  1. I also love what E. Bernard Jordan writes, “Angels are messengers of thought.” You, too, are an angel beloved. Your thoughts radiate a powerful healing energy, and what we give is always giving back to us.

  2. Thank you my friend… for the inspiring post! 😉

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