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Friday Words of Wisdom – LOVE & FORGIVENESS


I believe Life is all about Love and Forgiveness! We always ask for more love, without forgiveness there is no love! Healing needs lots of unconditionally forgiving….that is the best part of my healing journey….I am not there yet as I am still learning to forgive….



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Have a wondeful weekend!


IMmy xxx


Author: Immy Chua

A day after I turned 42, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 4 bladder cancer….what a surprise birthday gift! 16 years ago on my birthday, my late brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away after 6 months of chemotherapy. My doctors told me they were unable to cure me….as my cancer is an aggressive type. The statistic with chemotherapy treatment is 45% in 5 years. I refused chemotherapy because of my brother. So, I asked if I don’t do anything, what would happen? My doctor told me….if I don’t do anything, after 3 months, my cancer will spread to every parts of my body. I told my doctor, 3 months, I still have plenty of time to find a solution. So..I rejected the death sentence and went searching for solution……..My cancer journey start ….. This blog is about my exciting cancer journey which helps me to discover and reassess my life, my relationship with my family, my so-called career goal, my diet, my view, my belief…..everything…..for the past 2 years… I wish it will help everyone to look at illness as a blessing and opportunity to heal rather than seeing yourself as a victim.

16 thoughts on “Friday Words of Wisdom – LOVE & FORGIVENESS

  1. What you find within you will never be without! It heals in all places and is the direct place of love to be rooted within! I love your blog! 😉

    • ThX! We like to look ‘out’ rather than look ‘within’ because of FEAR! Only LOVE will keep fear away….love your blog too!

      • Thank you my friend! Fear is love when it is blended in energy to bring us to any cliff to give us wings to fly! You have done so and it is here you have shown it! 😉

      • Thanks. Very powerful insight! I am the process of peeling layers of layers of the “fear”! Just peeled off one layer of fear this morning without even notice it! It was much easier to peel the layer of fear in front of someone who you don’t know much but have full respect and trust! Not sure if this make sense! I feel lighter now !

      • It is always amazing when you place space around your fear as a whole is made to place something else inside, which is your knowing pointing the energy in love! Does that make sense to you?

      • You nailed it again ! I forgot about LoVe!

      • Hmmmmm I would say you are in love to make the changes.. It is a flow within energy is it not? You didn’t forget you are of it! 😉

      • You seem to me like someone who has a crystal ball? This morning I was on my Qi (energy) therapy, the forth session and I somehow believe in him (my Qi teacher) so much that I told him my fear ! Yes you nailed it again about the energy which I called Qi! Thanks again for sending your positive Qi !

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  3. My beautiful friend… The place of love is not just here within birth and death it is in life not to be mislead in this illusion the mind creates. Your mind is your fear, it has stored many of content that tell it to be afraid.. This is not something you or I need a crystal ball for! It is what is in place of you inside that heals all things to include the embracing of ones fear. If by design we taught embracing of fear to place love inside it would only understand the energy as love undiscovered! The truth to this sets you free in all forms of energy that is love. I feared the bright light.. until I surrendered to it! As have you in form! I am proud of you it is the element in existence that is beyond the forms we currently grasp because we fail the greater intelligence that is within us. That is not to be confused with thought. Your knowing understands and nods as I say this as if to know what it is that I am saying without knowing the words to say yet… but it will come! And I will be right here! 😉

    • Thank you my dear friend! My mind is my fear! This is brilliant! I just confronted my fear which is my mind…..the fear of my cancer will come back, but then why would fear of? Just cancer….another opportunity to heal within…..deep within! I always believe I made myself sick, if I can make myself sick I can heal myself! I don’t quite understand you mentioned about the difference between the mind and the thought system? Would you mind sharing?

  4. Not at all… In birth the human connection to the knowing is you. You experience this inside the womb to the first light you experience in breathing. Your screams as the pleasure cycle of being. From this point forward you are given teachings, it is stated to use your mind as a survival tool as you become 6 months old or more. This tragic thing happens when you have pain and someone makes it about what is outside you! You never remove survival in the mind which separates you from yourself, the mind is a content device. Your connection in knowing. Knowing can be Qi, Consciousness, etc. When you make good/bad, positive/negative, your place of being the mind then takes itself into form EGO (living outside yourself), you are then in a thought system of experiences which have fear/non fear. This removes the abilities birthed into knowing. Knowing is the greater intelligence that does all things your heart beat, blood flow, the lungs generating the flow of love throughout to create the illusion that some call life others call existence. You see your existence is in place outside yourself and never inside yourself. No teachings except meditation, living outside technology, human interaction etc., it can not place you inside yourself as depending on experiences in existence you will either elect to pay attention to your inner capacity of greater intelligence to flow in to knowing in addition you can elect to then have the ability to not live in the mind and outside yourself. The I AM in you is knowing that now witnesses your thoughts and the minds catalogs that are fed there! (yes the thought system is a catalog of the mind.) It listens to the minds repetitive statements in catalog the thought system makes as it has completely placed thoughts into form of past or future. It will hold onto content as though it is alive and keeping you from annihilation. Then fear is in thought to make it so you keep this fear and make time into an enemy. The thought system is the catalog the mind uses to access time to keep you from knowing. You access it in illness, in pain, in disconnection to yourself which enables never connecting to others! This in which will live on outside you in the existence you now have as an illusion. Removed is the ability to embrace knowing(connection to yourself inside.) You can’t even see the choice due to the mind noise the thought system creates. It is truly a choice to venture out into the universe inside you. As you meditate you can experience the open door when you clear it by focusing on your presence. You pay attention to knowing, you give knowing the key to all things. It pays attention to the heartbeat, the lungs filling with air, the experience of all things in connection. No good/bad, positive/negative. You embrace all forms of being! Being is the fuel for this physical existence connected in line with your soul (the light). The mind will create a place where this is non acceptance with beliefs in science, with beliefs in other cataloged forms, that to make this choice would mean the end of the mind and it’s catalog. This is a threat to the thoughts system and will create alternate paths to remove this experience because it fears removal. You don’t need to remove this. You just allow the back room content of the mind to be witnessed in your knowing without giving it value or action. You are able to heal in all things, you don’t make birth a celebration, you no longer make death a consequence with grief. Your knowing see’s a door to a hallway to the other door in the experience(birth through death). Each door brings light. In darkness the thoughts will be, yet as you witness you can bring them into the light and be at one with the stream inside you. You can utilize the energy of knowing to heal all the incredible things inside you within magnificence! You have no need for the minds ability to create disease and disconnect you from your being inside. Does this make sense? I make no mind of sharing, I make love in connection, I did so in myself to heal and this information is free of noise. It is only inside to where I can point in anything and anyway. A tree gets disease, it gets sick, it has days of shear tragedy the mind would say. Yet it withstands in it and makes it beautiful. Is a tree alive? Does it live through thought? Again you are the tree you have roots which is the mind, it just doesn’t hold content! 😉

  5. Dear Immy
    I got onto your facebook blog through an old friend of mine which I had not seen for over 29 years.
    There is some fascinating energy about your approach. For a long time I ignored things like cancer
    believing only bad luck will bring it on. However one day my life had changed dramatically. I kept loosing friend after friend to cancer. How could that happen? Why I am suddenly confronted with something I kept ignoring in the hope it would leave me alone?
    One day I employed a man who had never been to school. The job I gave him was one of the most complicated there is. He mastered ok. There was something new for me to learn. He was a strict vegan and I had to rethink so much I had been brainwashed before.
    My mother came from a farm. She ruled the house. Whatever they produced had to be eaten full stop. Outside products were something for just to have for Christmas. Topics like lactose intolerance were strictly taboo.
    My worker and friend was a real pot of wealth. He told me about his grandmother of age 95 who had never seen a doctor in her life. She bore 2 sons at home and never touched any animal products. They lived in the tropical jungle and produced everything them self.
    We used to visit them and since it was a 3h drive we stayed over night in one of their cabins.
    So much to learn and so much so new to me.
    One day I got introduced to some man that the doctors had given up on surviving his cancer.
    He took a radical diet at our friends and guess what? He got completely cured. Amazing but true.
    We became also vegans for about 2 years but eventually had to give up when our daughter became severely anorexic. The doctors told me to pick the colour of her coffin. I just got connected to the internet but with a very slow 28k connection. I had to stay up many nights to search for a solution. But I persisted and it paid off.
    Time goes on and I start to feel unwell. The doctors tell me well you probably have cancer and since you did not pay private health insurance I simply had to go on and die of a slow and painful death. Sounds just great. Saved all my life only to life in pain. So far for me.
    Now first for you: I wish you all the strength you need. It is easy just to talk about love. One has to have the energy to go on. I have been reading about your choices and must say it is very interesting. Are you actually in pain? Can you locate where it hurts? Please excuse me for being so direct But the world is going silly.
    I keep reading medical information. There seem to be no clear boundries of what is what.
    If you ever have a chance to see the documentary about the oil companies putting lead into fuel just only for greed please watch this doco. Just mad how the whole world got poisoned just to make a few greedy individuals rich.
    Keep it strong and please let me know how things go.

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