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We all heard about detox, juice detox, water detox, detox for weight loss….how much do we actually know about detox?

Why do we need to detox? Why we have so much toxins to be detox? These were the questions I kept asking myself why I need to detox? Detoxification using coffee enemas are a cornerstone of the Gerson treatment.

Why we have so much toxins in our body?

1. The air we breathe – the exhaust fumes of road traffic, the poisonous fumes from the factory chimneys, the residues of aircraft fuel descending from the sky, the dry cleaning, the “air freshener “we sprayed and many more.

2. Water – contaminated with chlorine and fluoride, industrial and agricultural run-off contaminates rivers, lake and sea.

3. Environmental pollution – electromagnetic fields from the power substations, radio masts serving our mobile phones, computer, microwave, mobile phones, etc

4. Our so-called NORMAL diet – food additives, colouring, preservative, residues of pesticides, agrochemicals, hormone meat, alcohol, etc

5. Our so-called beauty product – makeup, spray tan, sun block, lipstick, perfume, chemical peel, hair coloring, nail polish, etc

So, how can our body cope with all these toxicity? Liver – the body’s chief organ of detoxification.

After so many years of abusing my body with all of the above, you can imagine how much toxins I have already accumulated in my body and my poor liver was unable to cope. With all the fresh juicing and live nutrients, they are rapidly absorbed and forced accumulated toxins from the cells into the bloodstream. As a result, my liver is unable to deal with the newly arriving toxins driven from the tissues by the live nutrients. Hence, part of Gerson treatment is using coffee enema to assist my liver to discard its toxic load.

I was very impressed with my coffee enema detox as after 4 weeks of detox, the toxins made their way out from my skin…amazing…my left leg and my left arm (photo below).

IMmy xxx


Author: Immy Chua

A day after I turned 42, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 4 bladder cancer….what a surprise birthday gift! 16 years ago on my birthday, my late brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away after 6 months of chemotherapy. My doctors told me they were unable to cure me….as my cancer is an aggressive type. The statistic with chemotherapy treatment is 45% in 5 years. I refused chemotherapy because of my brother. So, I asked if I don’t do anything, what would happen? My doctor told me….if I don’t do anything, after 3 months, my cancer will spread to every parts of my body. I told my doctor, 3 months, I still have plenty of time to find a solution. So..I rejected the death sentence and went searching for solution……..My cancer journey start ….. This blog is about my exciting cancer journey which helps me to discover and reassess my life, my relationship with my family, my so-called career goal, my diet, my view, my belief…..everything…..for the past 2 years… I wish it will help everyone to look at illness as a blessing and opportunity to heal rather than seeing yourself as a victim.

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